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Biarritz Hole Name bestowed to an exceedingly penal and long par-3 hole, typically playing over a perilous hazard and seemingly impossible to reach from the tee; the name comes from a hole golf which course architect C. The hole was the No. The original length was a fierce yards. The club moved the tee to an easier position and built a hotel on the original cliff. From then on, Macdonald, Seth Raynor and Charles Banks built one such hole on every full course they completed. C player The average golfer; one with a handicap from 16 to 35 A, B, C, and D players constitute a classification system.

California Green Generally, a green constructed of pure sand with a simple layer of gravel below the sand. Alister MacKenzie was an expert at this by way of his studies and work for the military during the Boer War. Captain of Golf Prestigious title in the British Isles held by a person selected by former Captains to serve as a symbol and spokesperson for a golf club for a one-year term.

Captain, The Nickname given to golf course architect George C. Thomas, Jr. Cayman ball Lightweight golf ball developed to travel roughly half the distance of a regulation golf ball; first used on a course designed specifically for the new lightweight ball in the Cayman Islands. Cayman course Course specifically designed for use with the golf ball due to its shorter length and consumption of less land area; but not necessarily a course exclusive to use by a Cayman ball.

Dermot Gilleece: 'Lahinch's time to shine'

Cayman range Shorter length and scaled practice range restricted to use with theCayman golf ball. D player A duffer; golfer with a handicap above 36; A, B, C, and D players constitute a classification system.


Dell Hole Specifically refers to the par-3 6th hole at Lahinch; also generally refers to a hole with a green almost completely surrounded by large mounds like the aforementioned with only a small portion visible from the tee. Eden hole Refers to the par-3 11th on the Old Course at St. Andrews; receives its name from the River Eden that flows behind the green. English parks Coined term to describe areas that look similar to English park areas; mowing of wooded areas to be treated as roughs.

Evian Slang for a very expensive water feature on a golf course, most likely overbuilt and too costly in relation to its function and taste. Andrews is an example of a field within a golf links. Firestone par-4 A par-4 hole of long length, over yards, so named for the many par-4s of this length six at the Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio; note: in total, Firestone has eleven par-4s measuring in excess of yards each and only one under yards. Macdonald and lasted until stock market crash of Alister MacKenzie GPS yardage systems Any of a range of global positioning satellite-based systems which relay pinpointed yardage data to golfers in carts or via hand-held receiving devices; such systems are calibrated to the course and daily hole locations.

Andrews, large and strategically placed approximately yards short of the green. Alister MacKenzie. She was checked out by our veterinarian but nothing out of the ordinary was found. We assumed the episode had been an anomaly. We arrived at about pm, which was purposeful since I wanted to take advantage of the late-afternoon sunlight plus the fact that few other golfers would be playing then; the course was ours. During the first hour or so of our time at the course, I carried my bag and played while Pouncer walked along on her leash.

Mary Ann occasionally took photographs of me doing various shots while the dog seemed fixed on sniffing the various smells she encountered in the higher grasses growing along the edges of the fairways. Climbing the final hill with Pouncer September 13, As we neared the large hill upon which the clubhouse is situated and where our car was parked , I decided to take Pouncer off her leash and let her run along ahead of me untethered as we climbed the hill.

I asked Mary Ann to take some candid photos of us as we went. These are, for me, the most treasured photos taken during the round. I called her back and she sat down next to me while I paused to catch my breath. She had a look on her face of complete exhilaration and contentment—and in that moment, so did I. A week after our final time at Orono Public Golf Course together she suffered a recurrence of the ailment she had experienced three weeks before. After two days, it became evident to us that she was not going to rally this time; we had her euthanized in our home.

Her time had come. The veterinarian suspects that, unbeknown to us, Pouncer had developed a heart condition that progressed to a point where it got the best of her and took her down suddenly. That may be, yet I prefer to regard her passing through the lens of some wise words from writer Carrie Newcomer as she reflected on the decline and death of her dog:. In the fullness of time we will all cross the river, and life gives us no guarantees to when or how this will happen.

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But this old friend has shown me how to sit in the sun, how to take one more walk in the green, enjoy one more good sniffing of the meadow. She has shown me how to love the now and be grateful for what is…. After all, it was in this place we shared one more walk in the green, one more good sniffing of the meadow—and one transcendent moment in the rich sunlight. As I had turned into the lane leading back to the Orono Public Golf Course clubhouse earlier that morning, I had wondered if this just might be the day.

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The organizers also offered the option of placing a small inscribed plaque on each sponsored bench. I asked that the plaque on my bench state that it was dedicated to the memory of my grandfather. After my brief encounter with Ivan, I began my round of golf with a high level of anticipation.

After hitting my drive on the first hole, I walked down the fairway as it descended a steep hill into the vale where my ball had come to rest. Since I play with hickory-shafted clubs, my second shot into the elevated first green was an especially challenging one for me. Leo Feser had designed the course during the hickory era of golf and he had meant for it to be that way!

I opened the clubface of my niblick the most lofted club I had and I hit the ball squarely. It flew high towards the green and touched down on the front edge before disappearing beyond the rise.

Dermot Gilleece: 'Lahinch's time to shine' -

My Grandfather Lee probably never played golf. When he died in , golf was only just becoming popular with the general public. It was a no-frills, affordable venue dedicated to the general public; it would have been suited to his blue-collar sensitivities. I like to think that, had my Grandfather Lee learned to play golf at a course like Orono in the mids, he might have introduced my father to the game years before he eventually began to play in the Navy during World War II. After making my final putt on the first hole I retrieved my golf bag and walked towards the second tee—and the bench.

As I approached it, I saw a small metal plaque affixed to the back of the bench and I smiled again. When I read its simple inscription, printed just as I had requested it be, I felt a rush of gratitude. I set down my bag and took a seat on the bench. I placed my arm on the back around the portion of the bench where the plaque was located.

The Home of Great British & Irish Amateur Golf

Again I felt gratitude, as well as a sense of his presence. You see, I have very few tangible reminders of my grandfather. After he was killed in a railroad accident that fateful August night in , my grandmother suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for an extended period of time. I assume that friends and family may have taken it upon themselves to clear most of his possessions from her home before she returned. Perhaps they felt that was necessary to help assure that she did not suffer further emotional trauma.

That was later given by my grandmother to my father, and is now in my possession. Sitting next to that plaque on the Orono Public Golf Course bench that fine August day offered me a unique tactile connection with my Grandfather Lee. Stroking my drive on the second tee. The Grandfather Lee bench and bur oak tree are in the background.

A few moments later I stroked my drive from that tee; it sailed like the wind. This personal essay was written by Steve Robert Simmons in Epilogue 3 was added in Thanks for being the first to reply to my new essay, Lynn. It was a fun one to write and it means a lot that you took the time to give it a read. Trust that ALL is well with you.

You and Mary Ann should be here today. There is a small lake, too, and with visiting creatures in it sometimes. So you might be able to write an alligator sighting into an essay on this course, plus have a glass of iced tea with Ginger and Ron on their lanai that faces the course.