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Ended up not too keen on Kate's book, but I'm looking forward to this one:. Just bought Tangled! Can't wait to start this series! Wonderful review, Jill! Rachel Thanks Rach! Hope you enjoy it as well! Elle Thanks Elle! Just be prepared for a tamer version of Drew, and you should enjoy it!

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Heather Really hope you love Tangled, Heather! He's a pig When this Seinfeld epi first aired, I distinctly remember it took me at least 3 or 4 minutes to figure out how the heck "it" rhymes with Mulva. As always, Jilly, terrific review! I'm now officially looking forward to this one. Jessica Thanks Jess! I was exactly the same with Delores and clitoris It took me a while to figure out the American pronunciation.

I actually pronounce it the same way you do, Jill, with the accent on the first syllable. I don't think anyone I know here in NYC pronounces it with the accent on the tor. But our accents here tend to be a little different than other parts of the country. Or maybe it's a result of my friends and I using the shortened slangish version "clit".

So maybe that's why we tend to emphasize the first syllable when using the full word. Rachel wrote: "I actually pronounce it the same way you do, Jill, with the accent on the first syllable.

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But our accents here tend I thought it was just us and the Brits who pronounce it with the emphasis on the first syllable. PS I have no idea why I shared that but now I'm totally laughing at myself! We're all friends here, Rach and we can talk about stuff like that! Awesome review, Jill! I'm glad Emma continued rocking this series.

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I can't wait for the final book in the series! Thank you for the beautiful review, Jill! I will start the series soon too. Geri Thanks Ger, I hope you enjoy it! EC's a great writer! Oana Hope you enjoy these books, Oana! Be prepared for Drew Fabulous review, my friend! Your review and rating alone pretty much guarantees I'm going to read this one and more than likely love it! I liked the second Drew and Kate story more than most so I have a good feeling.

Jen wrote: "Fabulous review, my friend! I liked the second Drew and Kate story more than most so I h Wonderful review, J! The thing that always makes a contemporary rise from average to great for me, is humour. Where have you been all my life before I met you? Lol ; I really should try this series, seriously.

Jul 14, AM. Lol ; I really should try this seri Just check out my review though of the first book, Tangled - the H is very rude and crude, a douche and a pig. Great review, lassie! I haven't gotten around to the rest of the series, I've only read Drew's book. I might at some point, this one sounds good. PS: I pronounce it with the accent on the first syllable too, lol. Kari wrote: "Great review, lassie! PS: I pronounce it with the accent on the first syl It's interesting to see how people pronounce the word, Lass!

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A pig? I'll picture him with Cavill's face and I'll have bacon for breakfast and pork-chops for dinner, no problem ; Oh, just to add my two cents on the interesting discussion above, in Italy is clitoride with the accent on the "o". And when I pronounce in English I've always put the accent on the "o" too, at least that's how I've always heard it pronounced by native-speaking people mostly US or better NYC and Tennessee. Loved your review, Jill! Need to get to this one too some day! Jul 14, PM.

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She does not like when her students are late but she is very easy to get along with and very helpful especially if you're on her good side. She's tough, and to the point. I respect her dynamic, as she does not waste time. She is helpful when needed, and offers resources for classroom success. However, she utilizes her classroom as a forum for her discontent. Her snide remarks tend to be overbearing, and out of place. Other than that, I enjoyed her class. Not for the faint of heart.

I took professor kirchner for english I and II. She is very precise in what she expects from the start and is willing to help if you take the time to ask. Take good notes and do the work. If you bomb a test she will usually let you retake as long as you've shown you're taking your course seriously. This professor is ok. She was not my favorite and she can be very tough and almost mean. Lots of reading poetry and short stories. Her tests are open note but they are tough. Make sure you take good notes.

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There was a final project that she barely touched on and it confused me. I wasn't entirely sure what she wanted. I have taken her for English one and two and she is the best! Very nice and helpful. Just read and study and you'll be on her good side!

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Assigns a 5 page essay but trust me when I say its a breeze! She is my absolute favorite teacher.

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She is hilarious, she loves to joke with everyone, if you get offended easily I would not recommend her. She has high standards when she grades essays, but she also gives you longer than 45 minutes to write a "45 minute essay". Her biggest pet peeve is those who are late! She's a really good teacher!