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As the prosecutor in the Manson trial, Bugliosi has unique insights into just how Manson manipulated his followers to commit gruesome crimes.

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Skip Fatal Vision , the true crime book written by a journalist who was embedded with a man who was ultimately convicted for killing his pregnant wife and their two other children. In The Stranger Beside Me , Rule describes her personal relationship with a co-worker whom she later realizes is a serial killer: the handsome and charming—and prolific—murderer Ted Bundy. At the top of any best of true crime list must be the book that revolutionized the genre.

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Gurov, a deceiver by habit, realizes his love for Anna is genuine, and that it is only deepening the longer their affair continues. They might be less rewarding, but the sweetest loves are the ones never given the chance to sour. Proulx constantly describes the weather: thunder on the way, heavy snowfall, the wind battering windows.

The last kind of love I want to look at is the purest of all: selfless love.