Keeper of the Keys

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Released January 17th, Latest Blog Posts. Learn More. Without realizing it, Harry has reached the most significant milestone in his life thus far: his 11th birthday.

Keeper of Keys and Grounds

Hagrid's arrival on that day not only liberates Harry from his miserable existence, it has given him knowledge about himself that, though he may have realized later, he never had imagined before. He is also empowered to stand up against the abusive Dursleys—forever altering their relationship; from here on, his life will never be the same. Now Harry is empowered to make choices that will determine his destiny.

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He alone decides whether to stay with the Dursleys or attend Hogwarts, leaving behind the Muggle world where he subconsciously felt he never belonged. By choosing Hogwarts, Harry shows his budding maturity and independence, and also a new ability to chart his own life's course. Later in the series, Harry develops a reluctance to put his faith into the unknown, but this time he unhesitatingly believes this is his true path, and that nothing could be worse than what he already must endure.

He trusts Hagrid to lead him on those first tentative steps. Harry is livid that his aunt and uncle hid the truth, as adults often do to protect children, though the Dursleys' were entirely spurred by hate and resentment, rather than any attempt to shield a child from something unpleasant or hurtful. The obstinate Dursleys' refusal to allow Harry to attend Hogwarts is clearly intended to deny him what they know he wants most. Even though the Dursleys detest Harry's presence, and his departure would alleviate much unwanted responsibility for his care, they want to keep him at home purely to be spiteful, though Petunia may have an additional reason.

This time, however, the choice is Harry's alone, and he opts to leave the Muggle world and the Dursleys behind, though we expect he will periodically revisit Privet Drive, at vacations and other times when the school is closed, until he reaches adulthood. As an astonished Harry learns about his true past and how his parents actually died, we learn more about what happened the night Lord Voldemort came to Godric's Hollow.

Keeper of the Keys

We sense the dread most wizards feel for Voldemort, or even the terror his name alone evokes, despite his being defeated ten years before. This lingering apprehension seems to indicate that the Wizarding world may still be uncertain that Voldemort is truly dead and whether he can or will return.

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Harry lacks this fear, perhaps because he was never conditioned to it like other Wizards have been over the years. Instead, he comes to consider Voldemort as his foe, but not an invincible one.

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A central theme to these books is prejudice, divisiveness, and fear of the unknown. This chapter, particularly Petunia's tirade, shows a biased view from the Muggle side of the Muggle-Magic divide toward anything that is seemingly strange or different.

H.P. Lovecraft - 09 - Keeper Of The Keys (by EarpJohn)

The Dursleys' behaviour is also a classic example showing how human ignorance and fear tend to go hand-in-hand. In a vicious circle, their ignorance perpetually causes them to be frightened by magic, while that fear prevents them from developing a better understanding of it. In contrast, Harry's willingness to accept his magical nature when the evidence is presented, as well as his intuitiveness regarding his abilities, clearly indicates his open-minded intelligence.