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Human Behavior and the Designed Environment

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Program Philosophy The research tradition within the Human Behavior and Design major is based on the social sciences, in particular environmental psychology and human factors and ergonomics. Program Focus The Ph. The Human Behavior and Design major rests on the following basic premises: Development of the knowledge base guiding the planning, design, and management of physical settings requires systematic, empirical research.

The physical environment affects the realization of human and organizational potential including health, safety, comfort, productivity and satisfaction. The users of environments are diverse and have different needs. Individual characteristics such as culture, gender, stage in the life course, family structure, role or task affect environmental needs. Organizational culture, goals, and structure help shape building design and use. The interior design may say a lot about a person, especially their background and behavior; many people carry out the traditional motives and cultural heritage through the way they design their home.

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Eco-friendly Interior Design: Design psychology

It all leads to the type of activities chosen for the specific space. The key is to stimulate the connection and concentration, so this place needs to allow both a sense of extroversion and introversion. Even though this type of design requires creating a plentiful setting which many may not prefer, but the results it brings make it very well worth it. Design is just the way to make this space a little more appealing, easier to work in, efficient and safe. Image source: Five Star Interiors.

How Interior Design effects the Human Behavior

As time progresses, the efficiency of the integrated design is prioritized and makes for increase in the success rate. There are many products that contain this substantiality and they can be easily found; lots of carpet tiles, wallboards, floor tiles and translucent resins made from recycled materials are cheap and available in this time. Image source: Coastal Home Photography, llc.

Our thoughts and feelings can be easily influenced by many things — the space where we stay is usually one big factor. According to the expert psychologists, the human responses to environment are intricate and can be understood best in terms of three stages including perfection, cognition and spatial behavior. The perception of an environment can be defined as the procedure of using senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste in order to become aware of the environment.

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A qualified and experienced interior designer helps creating environmental stimuli so as to direct the above cited psychological stages and the processes of motivation, effect and development. A well-known interior designer and architect in Lahore , Amer Adnan lays strong emphasis on interior designing and decoration that effects human response and behavior positively.

Ph.D Degree in Human Behavior and Design

Whether you own a business organization or seek perfect environment for your home, you should make sure that you hire the services of a qualified and highly experienced interior designer and architect. An amateur and inexperienced interior designer would fail to get you positive results from your environment so, you should not compromise while hiring an architect. AAA is an architectural design and construction company in Lahore that focuses on designing spaces that encourage wellness and allow the occupants to 'feel good'.