Chipmunk Facts: Chipmunks; A Picture Book for Kids About Chipmunks (Facts For Kids Picture Books 5)

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Farming in the classroom. Coloring book and workbook contain pictures of farm animals and cutouts for constructing a paper barn and silo. Fun with good foods.

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Coloring book and activities book designed to create an interest and eagerness for learning about foods and nutrition. For children aged The good foods coloring book. Children in grades color their way through the 4 food groups. The Great American farm. An activity program from the U.

Department of Agriculture for grades 4, 5 and 6. What's to Eat? Yearbook of agriculture. Stories, games, jokes, craft projects, recipes, and fun facts about food and nutrition. Tewa tuukannin tanin — a Tewa reader. Coyote and the quail. Some quail play a nasty trick on Coyote.

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The Day that the animals went to war with the insects. Size is no match for the sting of insects when the animals meet the insects in war. Don't let him hurt himself. The Round up. A cattle round-up is carefully planned and executed.

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True short stories. Four short stories are based on true incidents. Junior high school. Journal contains the entries of youngsters who spent the summer of trailblazing in the Olympic National Park, Washington. Science activities in energy , A series of simple, concrete, revealing experiments developed by the American Museum of Atomic Energy especially for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.

Consists of folders of materials about energy principles and problems.

Each folder concerns a different subject. Constitution bicentennial coloring book. Revolutionary-era ships and soldiers, the signers of the Constitution, the thirteen original states , and other historic images are featured in this coloring book. The crime prevention coloring book , Kids have fun coloring and learn how to prevent crime at home and in the community. Camp 'Big Log 1. Crack down on drugs coloring book. Crime-fighting dog McGruff urges children to stay drug-free by taking up sports, by doing well in school, and by being good to each other.

Old Ironsides, U. Frigate Constitution. Pen and ink sketches and an essay describing in detail the innerworkings of the oldest Navy ship in commission. El libro de Katy para colorear sobre las drogas y la salud. Coloring book in Spanish contains illustrations and an anti-drug use theme. Soozie says "only sick people need drugs Helpful hints for selecting a school or college; look out for yourself!

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Indian Reading Series. Thoughts from the Shadow of a Flame.

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  • A series of ninety-nine books serves as supplementary reading material for Native American children in the elementary grades. The books present stories and legends of Northwest tribes. Stories were developed cooperatively by Native Americans from reservations in the Pacific Northwest. Books range from 15 to 63 pages and contain numerous illustrations by Native American artists.

    The storybooks explain: 1 natural phenomena; 2 Native American values; 3 cultural objects, ceremonies , or lifestyles; and 4 spiritual values. Acid rain: a student's first sourcebook. After reading the concepts and definitions and doing some of the experiments and activities ERLC in the guide , we hope that they will have a better understanding of the acid rain problem and a greater interest in its resolution.

    A book to color. Coloring book features scenes of crowded streets and polluted waterways , pastoral landscapes and clean neighborhoods. Charlie was just a chipmunk.

    Coloring book. Fun with the environment. Facts about the environment and our role in helping to protect it. Aims to stimulate an interest in ecology among elementary school students.

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    Includes crossword puzzle , coloring page, a list of do's and dont's for helping the environment, tips for saving energy and water at home and in the community. The Happy earth day coloring and activities book. Teaches children about the benefits of recycling and energy conservation. My wetland coloring book. Children learn about plants and animals that live in the wetlands through coloring.

    Our New England environment; a book to color for all ages, but especially children. Depicts the natural beauty of New England against the background of man-made pollution. Also includes a guiz and tips for cleaning up the environment, both at home and in 14 the outdoors. The processing and recovery of Jon Thomas — cool cat.

    Our story tells about some of the new ways we are finding to handle this solid waste". Earth trek: explore your environment. Workbook for elementary school-age children. Contains chapters on clean air and water, trash disposal, noise pollution, and pesticides. There lived a wicked dragon. Coloring book explores environmental dangers and ecology.

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    A world fit for chipmunks and other living things. A day in the life of Charlie, the chipmunk, at home in the forest.

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    Contains a picture glossary of forest vegetation and wildlife. Your world, your environment. Intended as a tool for educating parents and children about farm injury prevention. An airport trip. An aviation-centered learning experience. Young boaters, welcome to marine radio; activity book. Four pages for coloring plus word games and tips on boating safety. Big Bird gets ready for earthquakes. Winter survival coloring book. Depicts children playing in the snow, keeping away from the fireplace, electrical cords, space heaters, and matches, listening to weather reports, and learning about smoke detectors.

    Safety on the farm. ERLC 17 15 Coloring book. Children learn about energy and how to use it wisely through coloring , riddle-solving , and other activities. My energy book by Energy Ant.