A Wisp of Feeling

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I used to walk by the towns old catholic cemetery without ever telling anyone. The scary feeling aroused by walking along the aisles of old gravestones and crosses or by the sound of leaves and the distinct edges of shadows felt like a warm thrill.

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I recall how small flickering light which I perfectly knew could be fireflies enticed my imagination to interpret them differently. The hurrying out the gates was always followed by a desire to return.


The musical notes revived memories and the idea to reinterpret them was born. The power and freedom of imagination is a magical thing and we must cherish it not only in childhood but throughout our lives.

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This project is an attempt to do just that, to capture new experiences and old memories through imagination and in the process create new ones. About author: Born in , Shkoder, Albania, Frang Dushaj is an award-winning fine art photographer based in Sweden and specializing in black and white photography having beauty of nature as the greatest source of inspiration.

The guitar is raw and black, although the rhythms are thrashtastic. The tempo changes are as smooth as a Vaselined otter as it breaks down in to slower moshfest parts, then ups the ante and the deathly growls return to the screaming howls of vocalist Angst.

Things I've learned with freerlingtefe.tk's Wisp in 7.15 - IO is broken and even Mind Control agrees

This encapsulates the scary feel to this album, with added Omen-esque choral support to the thrash attack, then, a story telling style narrative is accompanied by church organ, which is included and phased out with skill to give just enough pause for breath, before the last minute of total rocking out! Nekrokraft — Will o' Wisp by the Sign Records.


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